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Background of Karun Airlines Company

 This company as the first activist in the field of airlines industry of Iran , has started its activity at first aiming supporting exploration operations, exploitation and operating development in oil fields of South in 1926 in the name of Airlines services  and then promoted from an unit under management of oil fields to an independent company and became one of the companies of National Iranian Oil Company  as a Iran-oil air transportation  company.

 By IR of Iran revolution and exit of foreign experts and specialists from Iran in 1978 and subsequently Iran and Iraq war, a vast part of Iran especially South Oil field regions and Abadan city (the head office of the company) were under the fire of the enemy , during those critical situation , engineers, pilots, experts and personnel of this company with  conscious movements agreed to transfer aircrafts, equipment and related equipment from Abadan to Aghajari and by taking another valuable measure including replacing the injured and  relief to soldiers without any need to foreign specialists in a modern activity in addition to flight operations, therefore, after the war , in order to render proper services , the operation base of the company was placed in Ahwaz. The share of company was transferred  to  Oil industry personnel retirement funds in 2000 and the name of  company was changed to Iran Oil Airlines Company ; finally, this company  changed its name to Karun Airlines Company aiming developing fleet and introducing himself to public and rendering more proper services to the society .

One of the honors of   Karun Airlines Company is that it had high safety coefficient  in flights from beginning of establishment until now, in such a way that it had no accident in his records and based on world's survey, it is called the safest Middle East Airlines company.

Another honor of Karun Airlines Company is providing 10-year plan with the horizon of 2025 that will be caused to be the first safe flight in the Middle East and applying all specialized and technical capabilities and power based on plans in  order to attain  the higher place in airlines industry of Iran.

Now, Karun Airlines Company is serving the Iranian through ticket sale systems and tour and travel agencies to whom contract was signed like other airlines of Iran in addition to serving personnel of affiliated companies of Ministry of Oil.    

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